Tiki versus Cthulhu Issue #1 Kickstarter – Cancelled

Tiki versus Cthulhu Issue #1 Kickstarter – Cancelled

Update 4/12/14 – Unfortunately this Kickstarter Campain was cancelled :(

I love comics. I love my friends. So, naturally, I love it when my friends put out comics.

Two of my good friends, Brian S. Roe and Ronda Pattison, are the dynamic duo that form R Squared Studios! (links at bottom of post)

They have already come out with great comics such as Zombie Plague: The Day From Hell and Yva Starling: Trouble Shooter – #1 Shopping day.

Currently the duo has launched a Kickstarter for their newest comic venture: Tiki versus Cthulhu Issue#1!

The art and coloring looks great! Check out their video below!

Plus, I really want the Tiki Alphabet Decoder Amulet! -because I’m still a kid at heart ;D


Thanks for reading and checking out my friends’ cool project! Back it if you can :)

Tiki versus Cthulhu Issue #1 Kickstarter
R Squared Studios Website

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