Southwest Adventure 2016 (photos and sketchbook)

Hello friends! Apologies for not posting a Quote Monday today, I was under the weather yesterday and I’m still having some sleeping issues. It’s funny how much just 2 hours time difference can kind of mess up your sleep cycle. I already had this post scheduled for this week so I’m posting it in lieu of my usual Quote Monday post-Quote Monday will resume next week! :) I hope you enjoy this post!

Last week, Jason and I came back from New Mexico for our annual Southwest Adventure to visit my mom and to go exploring while getting inspired and creating artwork in the process!

I wanted to share with you our photos and my sketchbook pages from our trip! I hope you enjoy!

I’ve also included links to some of the supplies I used at the bottom of this post – which means this post may contains affiliate links and I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you purchase something through the links provided. Of course, I will never post a link to a product that I haven’t used myself and love! Just wanted to get that out there :)

If you have any questions about my tools or about my trip, leave me a comment below! :)

Sketches and Supplies:


Where is the place you go to recharge and get inspired?

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Tools used:

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  • I’ve been to the Trinity Test site too. Weird but amazing place. I love seeing your travel sketches! I used to live in ABQ too so there’s a few familiar places.

    How do you like your Schminckes? I just bought a slightly different set and I love them! They are by far my favorite watercolors I’ve ever bought and I’ve bought a lot.

  • Hi Ana! Thank you for commenting! :)

    Yes, the Trinity Site is is bizarre but neat – this would have been my 2nd time, and my Jason’s first! I lived in the Las Cruces/Alamogordo area for 11 years before moving to Indianapolis, so the desert still has a place in my heart :)

    I loooove the Schmincke travel watercolors I have! The color pigments are so rich, it’s well worth the cost! I’m also a fan of the Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor (I buy them in tube every now and then) Moonglow is gorgeous!–i-284-600-057-LIST

    Hope you have an awesome day!