Sad day yesterday

Sad day yesterday

Well, I dropped my Lamy Safari Fountain pen yesterday evening. Unfortunately, I was using it, so the cap was off and my nib suffered some damage (see photo).

This was the first time I’ve ever bent a nib, but not to worry, a replacement nib is on the way. Which is good, because I’m getting together my “Monthly Letter-List” for 2014. I like to send a letter, card, or postcard to my snail-mail list at least once a month. If you want to connect, the form link is towards the end of this post. I feel I need to mention that it’s free to sign the list, it’s basically a Pen-pal thing, no pressure.

I was digging through some pen and ink blogs today and I found a really cool site that has a great selection of, you guessed it, pen and inks (plus more). It’s called I’m going to have to be careful with this site because I can see myself spending way too much time (and money) on there!

I did splurge, though, and ordered a membership to The Ink Drop as my holiday gift to myself.  With the membership comes a monthly delivery of ink samples. I’m excited that I’ll be receiving new inks once a month to try and I’ll be able to use the inks when I’m writing my letters.

If you’d like to join the list, here is the the form: s.Jane’s Snail-Mail List form*

*I do not share personal information to anyone ever.
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