Quote Monday

Quote Monday


“Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Pens: Bic ballpoint bold in lt. green, lt. blue, and pink; Pentel pocket brush pen
Watercolors: Ecoline, QoR, and Holbein
Paper: Arches Watercolor Pad – 300g, 140lb – Hot Press
+Sakura Gellyroll in white and Uni-ball signo gel pen in white
Masking fluid: Molotow Grafx
(scanned and added written quote digitally)

This quote is actually a modernized, shortened version. Here’s the original from Meditations (PDF):

“…To look about, and with the eyes to follow the course of the stars and planets as though thou wouldst run with them; and to mind perpetually the several changes of the elements one into another. ”

I kind of like the longer version better, but the shortened version works for this piece :)

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I wish you all a great week! :) Thank you for looking/reading!

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