Project Updates

Project Updates

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Hi Friends! Just updating you on a few projects that I have going on at the moment:

  • EXCESS Comic Zine: First draft done! Doing some minor touch-up edits and then this Zine/Comic will be available in my store soon! I will post on all my social media with the details! Which leads to…
  • Shop Update: I am so due for a shop update, I need to get some more recent pieces in there! Soon!

  • ASTROgirl: Working on the outline for the first chapter of ASTROgirl! This process is a bit time consuming because I want to make a good story that I can continue writing from for a long time. She’s been in my brain for a while and wants to get out! I’ve been doodling her and I need to flesh her out a bit, so thanks for bearing with me!

  • EXCESScomics, the future: The future of EXCESScomics(.com) is on my brain because I have other dark short stories brewing up in my head that I want to get written and created! As I create them, I’ll be updated my facebook page and twitter for it ( /
  • Illustration for a Documentary: I’ve been contacted to possibly add some of my illustrations to a documentary (with the possibility of them being animated)! I’ll keep y’all posted if this is something I’ll be doing :)
  • Commissions: I’ve been asked about doing portrait/pet commissions, so I thought I would post my rates. Below are the Patron prices, when this goes on my public blog it will be the general public prices, so you guys get a bit of a discount. Email me at commissions(at) if you are interested. I will email you back if I can or can’t do it (based on time constraints)
    • ACEO/ATC: black ink only: $20 | watercolor or markers+black ink: $25
    • 6×9 black ink only: $60 | watercolor or markers+black ink: $70
  • Speed-Paint Saturday: I’ve been posting speed-paintings on my YouTube again, going to be coming up with other videos soon.
  • And in case you missed it, I drew up a #meettheartist drawing (click for bigger)

So essentially ASTROgirl and EXCESS are going to be my main focus for a while! :)

Thanks for your support!



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