Quote Monday

A belated tribute to Gabriel García Márquez (Video process below) Pencil, Sakura Pigma 005, Ecoline Ultramarine Deep and Black, and Uni-ball Signo White Side note: I realize I forgot to put in the apostrophe for “isn’t” after I scanned in the painting. Here’s Video of the making of this week’s Quote Monday:   GG Márquez Wiki

Noodler’s Blue Ghost Ink Review

I love cryptography, ciphers, secret messages, and mysteries. I bought this ink from Goulet Pens solely for writing secret messages to my friends and family and for my own secrets ;) It’s a large bottle (4.5 oz) with an eyedropper and came with a free fountain pen and a couple small UV flashlights (that fit on … Read moreNoodler’s Blue Ghost Ink Review

April 2014 Ink Drop

There were some seriously gorgeous ink colors in this month’s Goulet Pens Ink Drop! If dreaming of being on an island, drinking a cocktail with a mini umbrella in it was the goal, I’d say success! Hawaii anyone? :) “Islands in the Sun” includes Diamine Beau Blue, Pilot Iroshizuku Ama-Iro, Private Reserve Shoreline Gold, Diamine … Read moreApril 2014 Ink Drop

Seahorse Drawing Video

I drew and colored a seahorse on my downtime this past Thursday. I attempted to create a video of the process and since my friends have shown interest in seeing the videos, I’ve uploaded them to YouTube and here for your viewing pleasure (I’m hand-holding so apologies for the shakiness and sometimes out of focus … Read moreSeahorse Drawing Video

Tiki versus Cthulhu Issue #1 Kickstarter – Cancelled

Update 4/12/14 – Unfortunately this Kickstarter Campain was cancelled :( I love comics. I love my friends. So, naturally, I love it when my friends put out comics. Two of my good friends, Brian S. Roe and Ronda Pattison, are the dynamic duo that form R Squared Studios! (links at bottom of post) They have … Read moreTiki versus Cthulhu Issue #1 Kickstarter – Cancelled