Organics Studio – 3 Ink Review – Writers Edgar Allan Poe, Jane Austen, and Jules Verne

Organics Studio – 3 Ink Review – Writers Edgar Allan Poe, Jane Austen, and Jules Verne

Organics Studio is a newer ink company. According to their website and Facebook page (links at the bottom), Organics Studio is a fountain pen ink company started by a University of Maryland biochemistry student and started in 2012. There are 4 themes to their inks: Elements (soft, high shading), Masters of Writing (higher saturation), Sepia (originally pen show special editions), and Masters of Science (pigmented and iron gall).

I have previously reviewed their inks here: Organics Studio – 3 Ink Review – Aristotle, Boron, Nickel and Organics Studio – 3 Ink Review – Elements Neon, Mercury, and Arscenic and loved them so much, I’ve decided to try out some more of their line. This time, instead of Elements, I’m trying 3 of their Masters of Writing inks.

Edgar Allan Poe –


Jane Austen –


Jules Verne –


I’m really digging these inks in this series. The only thing is that they are not as saturated as I had thought they would be. I’ve found so far in my sampling that the elements are much more saturated. I plan on sampling more Masters of Writing Ink.

Have you tried any of the Organics Studio Inks? Which are your favorites?

I purchased these ink samples from The Goulet Pen Company

These pages were scanned in with a very slight level adjustment, of course lighting, personal view, and computer monitor can affect the color.

Organics Studio Links:

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