Noodler’s Blue Ghost Ink Review

I love cryptography, ciphers, secret messages, and mysteries. I bought this ink from Goulet Pens solely for writing secret messages to my friends and family and for my own secrets ;) It’s a large bottle (4.5 oz) with an eyedropper and came with a free fountain pen and a couple small UV flashlights (that fit on a pen). I bought a larger more powerful UV flashlight for myself (what I use for the photos). I’m not going to go into the pen provided, since I don’t use it. I prefer using this ink with a dip pen.


This ink is super fun and with a dip pen it’s pretty undetectable. I noticed with using a regular pen that sometimes the paper will show indentations, depending on your writing pressure.



I even submerged a sample in water and it held up nicely.


Obviously not for everyday use, but if you’re planning a treasure hunt or wish to write secrets in your journal, this ink will be perfect for it!



I photographed these with a Canon D60 and had to adjust the aperture/shutter speed a bit. No post-processing.

Thank you so much for reading!


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