InCoWriMo 2015 Roundup

InCoWriMo 2015 Roundup


Another end to one of my favorite months: InCoWriMo (International Correspondence Writing Month) was a letter writing challenge for the month of February. It was such a blast writing and receiving letters and postcards! I haven’t checked my PO box in a week due to our weather conditions, so I’m sure I have a few letters waiting!

I can say I missed only one day, a particular hard day at work-working overtime and it being cold, I came home and sat in my chair and did nothing till I retreated to bed early.

This year I wrote and mailed/delivered 51 pieces of mail!

I wrote a lot more this year because of meeting a lot of family I didn’t know I had back in July. A lot of letters received this year were from pen pals from the year before, I wrote and received letters from a few new people I have met through Twitter or Instagram recently, and I participated in a Blue Ghost Card Exchange (where one writes the letter/postcard with UV ink Noodler’s Blue Ghost)!

Just like last year I began my month and ended my month with letters to my mailman. He is also a stationery/typewriter/fountain pen enthusiast and I’ve been friends with him since 2 Christmases ago. :)

I’ll be responding to all my incoming mail this month, so I’ve dubbed March the InCoResMo (Incoming Correspondence Responding Month) ;D

Here are some snaps of some of the correspondence I sent out:

I’m extending out to say that I’ll gladly correspond anytime of the year, so if you wish to write, here is my address:

s.Jane Mills
P.O. Box 55989
Indianapolis, IN 46205

Happy Writing!

How did you fare this InCoWriMo?

Thank you for reading/looking!

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