Dudek Modern Goods – The Divide

Dudek Modern Goods – The Divide


I recently purchased a pen/pencil holder from Dudek Modern Goods. It’s not just any pen and pencil holder, this is a beautiful handcrafted wooden piece of art! :)


I ordered what is called The Divide.
From the site: “Now, a solution to allow your pens and pencils to live in harmony on your desk.”


It has 6 pencil sized holes, 3 large holes and 3 “regular” sized holes, classically separated with a space that holds 3 pocket notebooks.

The wood is walnut and has a satin finish. It measures 6.5 x 13.2 x 7.5 cm.


It really is a nice minimalist block that would look great on any desk!



Thank you, Mike Dudek! :)

Go to Mike’s Store via ClickyPost.com, there are other styles that are just as lovely and functional!

Also, check out the Karas Kustoms/Dudek Modern Goods collaboration Kickstarter for The CU13E here!

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