Diamine Shimmertastic – 3 Ink Review – Red Lustre, Magical Forest, Night Sky

Diamine Shimmertastic – 3 Ink Review – Red Lustre, Magical Forest, Night Sky

Hello friends! I thought I’d share a few visual reviews of 3 of the new 10 Diamine Shimmertastic Inks.

Diamine will be releasing 10(!) new inks with shimmer in the inks. I’m a shimmery ink fan, so I’m excited for these. I understand these inks will not be for everyone, and that is totally okay! That’s why I love the fountain pen world, there are inks for everyone’s tastes! If you like some shimmer in your writing, please enjoy!

Quick note: Particles in inks mean more maintenance if you use these in fountain pens! (Goulet Pens has a video on inks that require more maintenence on YouTube: https://youtu.be/nO3pREn4wro)

Personally, I prefer to use flexible dip pens with shimmery type inks. Okay, to the inks!

Red Lustre: (red with gold particles)


Magical Forest (green with silver particles)


Night Sky (dark grey with silver particles)


Ink Doodle (SN2 paper, Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and Diamine Red Lustre, Magical Forest, and Night Sky):


More images:


These inks should be available soon, so once they are I’ll link up where you can get them! Update 10/16/15: names of inks above are linked to where you can purchase them!

Are you looking forward to these inks? Which one(s) are you looking forward to?

Thanks for looking/reading!

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  • Images scanned in with minimal level adjustment and photos taken with Samsung NX mini (with and without flash).
  • I had to shake up the samples pretty regularly to keep the shimmer writing.
  • As with any ink scans and/or photos I try to be consistent in color. What you see on your monitor might not be the actual color, but it should be a fairly close representation.
  • I received these ink samples from The Goulet Pen Company for the purposes of review. All opinions in this review are mine, and are not bias based on how I received these samples.

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SN^2 Paper Review
*To order the SN² paper pads or loose sheets, please email Ben at orderSN2paper@gmail.com and he will provide you with a price list. At the time I ordered, in January 2015, the 5.5″ x 8.5″ were $6 each and the 4.25″ x 5.5″ was $3.50 (100 sheets bound).

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