Diamine Shimmertastic – 2 Ink Review – Brandy Dazzle, Purple Pazzazz

Diamine Shimmertastic – 2 Ink Review – Brandy Dazzle, Purple Pazzazz

Hello again friends! More visual reviews of 2 more Diamine Shimmertastic Inks!

Diamine has released 10(!) new inks with shimmer! I’m a shimmery ink fan, so I’m excited for these. I understand these inks will not be for everyone, and that is totally okay! If you like some shimmer in your writing, please enjoy!

Quick note: Particles in inks mean more maintenance if you use these in fountain pens! (Goulet Pens has a video on inks that require more maintenence on YouTube: https://youtu.be/nO3pREn4wro)

Personally, I prefer to use flexible dip pens with shimmery type inks.
On to these inks that have very many ‘Z”s in their names! ;)

Brandy Dazzle (Rust/Dark Orange with gold particles)


Purple Pazzazz (dark purple with gold particles)



More Images:

The names of inks above are linked to where you can purchase them!

Have you bought any of these inks? Which one(s) are your favorite?

Thanks for looking/reading!

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  • Images scanned in with minimal level adjustment and photos taken with Samsung NX mini (with and without flash).
  • I had to shake up the samples pretty regularly to keep the shimmer writing.
  • As with any ink scans and/or photos I try to be consistent in color. What you see on your monitor might not be the actual color, but it should be a fairly close representation.
  • I received these ink samples from The Goulet Pen Company for the purposes of review. All opinions in this review are mine, and are not bias based on how I received these samples.
Thank you so much for your support and for viewing this post!

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