Adventure 2015 + Sketchbook pages

Adventure 2015 + Sketchbook pages

At the beginning of this month, my husband and I went to New Mexico to visit my mom. New Mexico has consistently been my retreat from the city. When life moves to fast and stressful situations start to weigh down, the desert calls and I go. Once I return, I am renewed, life falls back into place, and my eyes open to things I might have overlooked.

It is a spiritual experience, to say the least. Which I’ve always found funny- I lived in New Mexico for 11 years and I moved from there because life was not moving forward for me. Now that life (since I’ve lived here) has moved exponentially faster and more forward, I return to New Mexico to slow down. :)

So, back to the adventure! :) Here forward will only be photos and drawings with minimal description. (If you have questions about anything, feel free to ask in the comments!)

Although, I will explain that life has a sense of humor and my first day back to New Mexico included many jokes, including, but not limited to: intense red eye due to allergies, 2nd degree sunburns from driving (no major harm done, if you take Zyrtec make sure you lather a higher SPF sunscreen as one of the side effects is sun sensitivity), and my (and my husband’s) personal favorite, getting stung by a bee on my behind (bee-hind) :D Sorry I couldn’t resist the pun.

Anywho, to the images :) Enjoy!

(some sketches are unfinished. Dketchbooks used: Stillman & Birn Alpha and Global Art Materials large watercolor landscape book)

(Photos taken with a Fuji Finepix F30)

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